Court Decisions

Appellate Division Second Department reversal of Supreme Court judge’s prior order granting plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment.
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Investors Savings Bank v Paul Salas

Order Reversal

Sued Wells Fargo Bank N.A., on behalf of client for statute of limitations violation and related relief. Successfully resolved matter through negotiated settlement.

Wells Fargo Bank

Statute of Limitations Violation

Successful stoppages of foreclosure sales throughout New York City, Westchester and New Jersey (New York State Counties)

Foreclosure Sale Stoppages

Essex & Bergen Counties

Attained court issued decisions denying plaintiff’s Motion for Judgment of foreclosure and Sale throughout New York City,Long Island,Westchester and New Jersey (Essex and Bergen Counties).

Denied Motions for Judgement of Foreclosure and Sale

Court-Issued Decisions

Attained dismissals of plaintiffs’ complaints as a direct result of zealous litigation and oral advocacy.

Dismissals of Complaints


Attained court issued orders granting a Traverse Hearing.

Traverse Hearing


Attained blind loan modification offers (instances where a homeowner didn’t even submit a loan modification application to the bank) as a direct result of zealous litigation and oral advocacy.

Blind Loan Modification Offers


Successful negotiation and facilitation of previously denied and unattainable shorts sales and loan modifications.

Short Sales and Loan Modifications

Successful Negotiation

Successful negotiation and facilitation of previously denied and unattainable shorts sales as a direct result of litigation efforts.

Negotiation of Denied and Unattainable Short Sales

Loss Mitigation

Successfully untangled and alerted the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office to a complex mortgage fraud homeowner rescue scheme conducted by Christopher Goodson, Esq., a savvy, unscrupulous New Jersey based attorney. My initiation of a Civil RICO Conspiracy complaint in the United States District Court District of New Jersey led to the indictment and arrest of attorney Christopher Goodson by the United State Attorney’s Office District of New Jersey and dismantling of a $30 Million Mortgage Fraud scheme.
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Initiated a Civil RICO Conspiracy Complaint

$30 Million Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Successful criminal defense of home owner defrauded by self-described “short sale specialist,” and co-conspirators. Multi-million dollar mortgage fraudulent scheme was dismantled and short sale specialist was indicted, arrested and convicted at trial by the U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of New York. A total of six defendants were ultimately convicted. Homeowner client was never criminally charged.
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Successful Criminal Defense of Homeowner defrauded by con man in multi-million dollar short sale scheme.

Criminal Defense

Saved the homes of multiple homeowners in Westchester County that were victimized and defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a fraudulent foreclosure rescue company. The homeowners were falsely promised an elimination of their mortgage debt in exchange for a fee. I successfully resolved their foreclosure matters and extinguished the fraudulent satisfactions of mortgages recorded against their properties. I disclosed the scam in various pleadings I filed in the White Plains Supreme Court several years prior to the November 29, 2016, indictment of the individuals involved in the mortgage elimination scheme.

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Saved Homeowners Defrauded By Fraudulent Home rescue Company

Presented Foreclosure Sales

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